Welcome to Redemptive Counseling!

I am a psychotherapist conveniently located in the Highland neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. In my practice as a professional counselor, I offer therapeutic support to individuals and couples dealing with relationship issues, depression, anxiety, grief/loss, self-esteem/body image, and life transitions.

Taking the first step to start the counseling process can be intimidating, and at times, overwhelming. It can mean admitting there are circumstances that feel beyond our control or acknowledging a sense of fear, powerlessness, or loss in our lives. Our natural instincts often lead us to withdraw or hide our problems from others in an attempt to avoid feeling exposed and vulnerable. However, this can often lead to increased complications. These can be manifested in depression, somatic complaints, anxiety or addictions. I believe that by reaching out and pursuing counseling you are taking the courageous step to connect with another person who can validate your experience, help empower you to make positive choices, and most of all, help you see that you are not alone. We all have problems. We all struggle. Counseling can offer you the support you need to connect and find a greater sense of freedomhope and joy in your life!

I believe a good fit is necessary in order to progress in the therapeutic process and no single therapist is necessarily a good fit for every client. One has to feel a connection with his/her therapist in order to feel confident about sharing their personal story. Let’s talk and find out if we can work together. 

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